O-twee Accountants joins Alfa Accountants and Advisors

2 mei 2023 | Door:  Matthijs van Dorssen

O-twee Accountants has joined Alfa Accountants and Advisors. This has created a basis for (ever) broader accountancy and advice services. In due course, further integration will take place and O-twee will work under the name Alfa Accountants and Advisors.

Increasing complexity in the field of accountancy, legislation and regulations, rapidly changing market conditions, and digitisation together demand increasingly broad knowledge and expertise. O-twee has therefore decided to join a larger organisation that can offer added value, continuity and quality.

General manager and partner of O-twee Hans Liefrink: “Alfa is a national organisation that works from more than 30 decentralised local branches. We share one personal approach when it comes to customers and employees. They have a sustainable vision, so they are always focused on the future.” Arnoud Bosch, CFO on Alfa’s Board of Directors, is also pleased with the expansion of the organisation. “We will in particular receive a major expansion of our SME practice, partly due to the merger. This creates a broader basis for retaining our services locally and expanding them even further in various areas. Moreover, this expansion makes us an even more attractive employer. Stronger and closer together.”

Continuing under the Alfa name

For Alfa, the acquisition is a good way to support its intended growth thanks to the merging of knowledge and contacts. For the time being, O-twee will continue to operate under its current name. Upon full integration, they will continue under the Alfa Accountants and Advisors name. The O-twee employees and partners will remain connected to the organisation, and the familiar faces of O-twee will continue to work in support of customers and relations.

About Alfa

Alfa is a network of local offices with active specialists who work for entrepreneurs working in small and medium sized business and the agricultural sector. Founded by and for entrepreneurs, and active for more than 80 years. Alfa believes in the power of local entrepreneurship. This is where the engine of the Dutch economy is kept running. It is the result of an interplay between driven entrepreneurs and a network of involved families, enthusiastic employees and many supply companies. With more than 30 branches and 1,100 employees, Alfa offers (local) support for accountancy, taxes, salary and personnel, subsidies, business advice, financial services and anything else related to that. 

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