Tax and legal advice

Alfa offers comprehensive tax support to foreign companies for the business activities in the Netherlands. For example which legal form is most suitable for your Dutch activities? And what are the obligations you are facing when operating in the Netherlands? Alfa can help you make the right choices, and fulfil all local obligations. We fill in the profit tax return, we negotiate with the tax authorities and help you to obtain any tax rulings.

The Netherlands is famous for their extensive network of tax treaties. Besides this network of treaties, the Dutch corporation tax, for example, has some attractive rulings, such as the patent box, the holding exemption and the tax entity. Alfa can inform you at length on the advantages of these rulings for your organisation.
We can also support you in the field of staff. Not only do we arrange for the payroll processing, but we can also set up a salary-split or apply for the favourable 30% tax ruling.

In addition to tax advisors Alfa has a group of legal specialists, who can support you in a diversity of legal matters.

Do not hesitate to contact Alfa to see what we can do for you.