Our team

Alfa has multiple members working closely together to ensure our full potential in international relationships is being reached. These members take seats in committees, and use their knowledge and years of experience to ensure nothing but the best quality in delivered advice.

Marco Vermin - DFK Board member
“We believe that local entrepreneurship and its uniqueness is the engine of the new economy. We want to help that engine endure and make it stronger.”

Jasper Gorter - Senior Tax Consultant and Member of DFK Tax Committee
"Being close to the person – behind the entrepreneur – makes the numbers come to life and that is when they really become meaningful. That makes our job worthwhile."

Harm-Jan de Boer - Chair of DFK International VAT Group (Special Interest Group)
Entrepreneurs who realize that indirect taxes - such as VAT - are increasingly important, often save themselves a lot of money.

Jelle Pool - Team-leader SnP
With our partnership, you can expect an honest and hands-on attitude to assist you in all fields of legislation. We are lean enough to deliver customized wishes and quality and able to service both small and complex assignments.

Frank van Ee - Director at Alfa Consultants and Member of DFK Transactional Service Group
Goal oriented with attention to the emotional side of things!