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Do you want to do business in the Netherlands or are you planning to establish your company here? Feel free to contact our company: Alfa Accountants and Advisors. We have over 35 establishments and over 1.100 employees all over the country. Our capital is Amsterdam and our population holds over 17.000.000 citizens. 

Doing business in the Netherlands

When you are planning to do business in another country, it is important to know the relevant local rules and regulations. How can you gain this knowledge? What rules do you need to oblige to and what aspects should you keep in mind? We like to help you by answering these questions with you. We can also assist you when you want to buy or sell a company across your borders. The Dutch economy is mostly reliant on  highly developed agriculture, the service sector and international trade.

Partnership DFK International

It is likely you arrived at our company in the Netherlands through your current accountant. We have a close partnership with all the accountants that are part of the DFK International network. In this international coöperation 230 accountancy- and consultancycompanies from 94 countries work together. Through this partnership we will be able to work closely with your current accountant. 

Always nearby

We want to experience your company, industry and challenges up close. From an organization rooted in the Netherlands, but with relations around the globe. With broad financial knowledge and specialist industry knowledge. At home in your area, close to you and your work. That is where we are at our best. Wherever you are, we are always nearby. We are there before you need us.

More information

Do you want to have direct contact with an accountant in the Netherlands? Feel free to contact Susanne Knol-Bongers via +31 882533249 or mail to sknol@alfa.nl  

Susanne Knol - Bongers

Susanne Knol - Bongers

Senior accountant / International team lead

+31 (0)88 253 3249

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