Applications for corona support measure opened

14 april 2020 | Door:  Matthijs van Dorssen

When your company has been particularly affected by the coronavirus crisis, you can now apply for a net contribution of € 4,000 towards your costs. This is possible under the Contribution for Entrepreneurs in Sectors Affected by COVID-19 scheme (Tegemoetkoming Ondernemers Getroffen Sectoren COVID-19 (TOGS)), previously known as the Emergency Service Point (Noodloket). You can submit you application until 5 p.m. on 26 June 2020. The contribution takes the form of a grant. To prevent abuse of the scheme, applications will be subject to checks.

Specific sectors

The contribution is intended for specific sectors. It covers food and drink outlets, cinemas, hair and beauty salons (including hairdressers, pedicurists and beauticians), travel agents and tour operators, driving school owners, saunas, solaria, swimming pools, fitness centres, sports clubs and sporting events, as well as certain private cultural institutions, such as museums, circuses, theatres and music schools. Entrepreneurs in the non-food sector, such as shopkeepers, can also make use of the scheme from Monday, 30 March 2020. The list of industries and sectors will be continuously updated with new sectors. The last update was on April 8th.

Apply digitally

You must submit your application digitally to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) at . You must have the digital ID method. eHerkenning, level 1 or higher to make the application. It is also possible that you authorise us a your advisor to submit the application.


This contribution is subject to a number of conditions. The main ones are as follows:

Not available to businesses run from home

Another condition is that your business must be based outside your home. There are however some exceptions where the your company can be registered on your home address to be eligible for the contribution.  

The application

To submit an application, you need (in summary):

When will you receive your money?

RVO will endeavour to make a decision within two weeks. The payment will then be made within a few working days. If the RVO is unable to make a decision within two weeks, you will be notified promptly.

Ask Alfa!

If you have any more questions about the contribution or other measures for the corona virus, we are happy to help you. Please contact one of our advisors, we are always nearby.