Reputation Survey MT500: Alfa excels in good employment practices and sustainability

29 juni 2021 | Door:  Marco Vermin

Alfa Accountants and Advisors again scores high in good employment practices and sustainability in the MT 500. Under that name, MT/Sprout conducts an annual survey relating to the reputation of Dutch companies among managers, decision makers and executives. The survey even awards Alfa five stars in the category of good employment practices, winning the gold medal in that category.

For Alfa, the results of the MT500 are a recognition of the efforts made in the past few years. Good employment practices and sustainability have long been spearheads in the company policy. Before, Alfa had already received the highest ranking in the poll with a five-star rating as an employer. This makes Alfa the only one in its category to have such a high score. An important pillar of its success is the MEBO scheme. Since 1999, this scheme enables all employees to be co-owners of the organisation.

‘Most sustainable accountant’

In recent years, the organisation has also invested heavily in sustainability. Alfa does not aim to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world and has already made great strides in that direction. Since 2014, Alfa has been a certified B Corp, for example, and consultancy in the field of sustainability is now part of the service package. Alfa inspires its employees to become great at what really matters. Those efforts are recognised in the market, as the MT/Sprout survey shows. Of all accountant firms, Alfa is rated highest in the field of sustainability.

Adding social value

Fou Khan-Tsang, Chairman of the Board, "In addition to financial values, we also want to have an eye for a future-proof society. We look critically at ourselves and the bigger picture. As an entrepreneur's confidant, we dare to advise the entrepreneur to do things differently regarding sustainability. By being progressive ourselves, we add social value while attracting entrepreneurs who have the same goal."

Ninth overall in broad category

Alfa is also satisfied with the overall score. Within the broad sector that covers the legal profession, accountancy and management consultancy, Alfa ranks ninth. With 35 branches, the organisation is still growing. Local involvement is the guiding principle in our location policy.

20th survey

This year the survey has been conducted for the 20th time. The Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation of the University of Amsterdam is responsible for the design and implementation of the survey. The reliability of the results is guaranteed by only allowing respondents to talk about their own category. Each respondent named three companies that they felt excelled in a particular area. On Wednesday, 23 June, the 2021 results were officially released.

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