Second Emergency measures regarding Granting for Bridging Employment (in Dutch: NOW 2.0)

23 juni 2020 | Door:  Niels Woudstra

Because the Corona crisis continues due to extended health risk measures, compensation from the government is also extended. A new scheme will follow the first scheme.

Since the relaxations in the May 20 scheme, it has also become easier for foreign-based companies with personnel in the Netherlands to qualify for the scheme. Those employers with compulsory insured employees in the Netherlands who have an administrative affiliation with the Dutch tax authorities are able to apply. A company that is not established in the Netherlands cannot or hardly apply for a Dutch bank account number. Until May 20, it was mandatory to have a Dutch bank account number. The application now also allows you to provide a foreign bank account number. A Dutch correspondence address is still mandatory. You can engage Alfa Accountants & Advisors to handle the application on your behalf (and at our address). Please note that the application procedure takes longer, because the application cannot be done digitally. Corresponding between us and UWV therefore takes more time. Our experience with NOW 1.0 was that it took about a week.

NOW 2.0 is extended by four months. The target remains unchanged:

The allowance concerns:

o Start date of compensation periods are 1 June, 1 July, 1 August or 1 September

o If NOW 1.0 has been applied; NOW 2.0 is the subsequent period

Post-settlement, auditor's report, third statement or no statement

Now that the allowance has been paid at the time of the crisis, afterwards a report must be issued to assess whether the correct amounts have been paid. Because 80% has been paid as an advance, 20% should be paid afterwards. However, if the report has different outcome, the allowance will be adjusted.

- Post-settlement

- Auditor's report

- Third party statement

If you want to apply for this allowance, contact us. This act is so new that still not all details are clear yet. Just as NOW 1.0, we expect still several adjustments in this act 2.0 and some details as written is this article can be altered in time.