Doing business in the Netherlands means Dutch regulations to comply with. The Alfa accountants are most capable of helping you to fulfil these obligations.

Our accountants offer you the following services: 

Administrative and financial accounting

It is important to gain an insight into the financial results of your activities in the Netherlands in order to take the right decisions. We can keep your accounting records and draw up customised reports and analyses. Our online application provides you with a 24/7 insight into your Dutch administrative accounting.

If you have a permanent establishment in the Netherlands, or you are carrying on business through a Dutch legal entity, you will have to declare the profit realised to the Dutch tax authorities. For this purpose your administrative accounting must be organised in such a way that it allows for proper tax preparation. Alfa can arrange this for you.

Annual reporting

If you are carrying on the business activities through a Dutch legal entity, this entity will be obliged to draw up its financial statements under Dutch law. 
A foreign company with a branch in the Netherlands will have to be registered in the Trade Register, where it is to file its annual financial data. Which financial data have to be filed depends on various factors. 
Our accountants can familiarise you with the complicated Dutch regulations and draw up the necessary annual report and accounts for you.

Do not hesitate to contact Alfa to see what we can do for you.