Audit and Assurance assignments are executed by “Alfa Registeraccountants”. That is the department of Alfa with certified auditors.

Alfa Registeraccountants

Alfa Registeraccountants holds the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets AFM licence for the execution of statutory audits and is subject to the Autority of the Financial Market (AFM) supervision and quality control.

Statutory audits

In The Netherlands a statutory audit is mandatory for for medium-sized and large companies. As mentioned before we holds the licence fort he execution for statutory audits from the AFM.

Voluntary audits

Besides statutory audits we also can help to the voluntary audits for example for foundations, associations and educational institutions.

International audits

In case of specific international issues, Alfa can rely on its alliance with the worldwide network of DFK. DFK is an international collaboration of independent auditors and consulting firms, which Alfa can consult in various cross-border situations to be able to deliver the best possible services. For more information concerning the DFK network, we refer to:

IT Audit

The IT Audit can be an integrated part of the annual accounts audit or used seperate. An IT Audit is focused on determining the extent to which the systems and the risks related to these systems are managed. The IT Audit can be:

Other services

In addition to our experience in audit and assurance assignments, we offer you certainty for the screening and description of and advice on your accounting procedures and internal control or the execution.

More information?

Do not hesitate to contact Alfa to see what we can do for you.