Salary and staffing

Alfa is your company’s partner for salary and staff issues. Your staff in the Netherlands is our concern, too. For professional payroll records, but most of all for assisting you in your most important capital: your staff. With a complete payroll and personnel service package, you may count on a service provision tailored to you company in the best possible way.

Payroll processing

Alfa can keep your entire payroll records: your registration as an employer with the Dutch tax authorities, processing your employers’ wage details and periodically submitting a payroll tax form. This can be executed for one employee, or equally for 100 or more.
Besides you will have the disposal of our salary package:  Alfa Salary and Personnel (ASP), 24/7 online access to all working conditions, payroll accounting and staff records. 

Employment law and insurance schemes

Besides payroll processing, Alfa can assist you with other staff issues, for example with employment law. What issues do you have to take into consideration when you engage new staff? What may or may not be included in an employment contract? How often are you allowed to extend a temporary contract? Our advisers have knowledge of the most recent rules and regulations concerning employment law and will answer any of your questions with expertise and clarity. If you so wish, we can draw up the customised employment contracts for you. We can also provide guidance for dismissal proceedings.
Moreover, Alfa can inform you on any applicable employed persons’ insurance schemes. The rules may constitute a puzzle in an international context. Our advisers know social legislation and would like to give you a start.

Do not hesitate to contact Alfa to see what we can do for you..