In complex decisions your business must make, valuation adds significant clarity. One could think about planning a merger or acquisition, setting up an employee stock program, or dealing with tax issues. Valuation is a process that requires a specialist approach. It is the work area of a Certified Valuator, the specialist from Alfa Consultants regarding business valuation.  For Alfa Consultants, international transactions are part of practice.

Acquisition and Sale

The main reason to determine the value of your company is often the acquisition or sale of a company.  A valuation report from Alfa Consultants gives you a clear direction for determining the asking price or making a bid.  You get a well-founded insight into the value of the company in preparation for the negotiation phase, for the purpose of an asking price in an information memorandum or for the purchase price and the share ratio when selling to third parties or transfer within the family.


We regularly see companies restructuring, and changing their headoffice to the Netherlands. Such a proces usually includes the transfer of exchange of shares. In order to organize such a proces precisely, it is key to determine the value of the concerned entities. These matters also have tax aspects, where our tax specialist can provide you with the necessary advice.

Tax issues and disputes

A valuation is also the basis for resolving disputes between shareholders or spouses. Alfa Consultants can as a party advisor or as an independent advisor determine the economic value of a company or carry out a second opinion on a valuation. Alfa Consultants can appreciate for you in the context of disputes, tax legislation such as donation or inheritance and can determine the economic damage in preparation for a claim.

Value creation and investments

We also like to talk to you about value drivers to create value within your company and to shape your strategic future plans. After carrying out a baseline masurement, we can periodically issue a report to map value development over the years. Alfa Consultants can support you with investment decisions with a scenario analysis or a business plan.

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