Mergers and acquisitions - Grants

Alfa Mergers and Acquisitions is specialised in business valuation and advisory with regard to the acquisition or sale of a business, arranging (acquisition) financing and due diligence investigations. Are you close to a new phase? We will be pleased to be of service.

There are many aspects to the acquisition or sales of a business. You want certainty, independent advise and to avoid trouble. We are often hired to complete the entire process from A to Z. Naturally, Alfa will also take care of the legal and tax issues surrounding a merger or acquisition.
Our advisers have a background in business and economics and are certified M&A advisers (RAB). In addition, Alfa Mergers and Acquisitions is member of the NIRV, the Dutch association of certified valuators. Alfa Mergers and Acquisitions is located centrally in the Netherlands and works for the nationwide Alfa network.


Valuation is the expertise of the Certified Valuator (Register Valuator or RV), the specialist at Alfa for business valuation. A Certified Valuator is a member of the NIRV (the association of Register Valuators) and possesses the required knowledge, expertise and education to perform complex valuation assignments. 
The main reason to value a business is often the acquisition or sale of a business. An Alfa Mergers and Acquisitions valuation report gives guidance for the determination of an asking price or for submitting an offer. A business valuation may also constitute the basis for solving conflicts between shareholders. Alfa Mergers and Acquisitions can mitigate the economic damages in conflict situations or determine the value of a business for tax purposes in the case of inheritance.

Acquisition and sales advisory

The acquisition of a business calls for a thorough preparation financially, organisationally and especially personally. Buying a business involves more than just figures. Alfa Mergers and Acquisitions also supports you in identifying and mitigating the risks surrounding the acquisition as much as possible.
Our multidisciplinary team is ready to support you during the entire process, from the preparation of an offer until the legal documentation of the acquisition.

For the sale of your business it is important to choose the right moment. In order to obtain a good price a seller has to ensure strong operating expectations, professional staff and an optimal financial structure. Alfa Mergers and Acquisitions can prepare an information memorandum concerning your business in order to interest and inform potential buyers of the business. All financial and company-specific aspects that are relevant to the sale will be discussed. Alfa can also assist in determining the asking price, finding a potential buyer and negotiating the final deal. We are at your service to advise on the entire process of preparing the business for the sales, negotiating and finally transferring the shares at a civil-law notary. 

Acquisition financing

The financing of the business is an important component of the engine of your company. A component that has to be kept in optimal condition. The interest paid on external financing is not the only parameter of interest. The financial structure, collateral and other conditions are equally important. The possibilities of financing a deal are one of the most important aspects of an acquisition. 
Several of the employees of Alfa have a background as bankers. They speak the language of the bank. Whether you need assistance regarding your current financing, the financing of new investments or the financing of an acquisition, Alfa will readily and professionally assist you.

Grants advice

Did you know that over 50% of the companies do not use their grants facilities? Mostly because they are unaware of their possibilities or do not have enough time for the application. Alfa will be pleased to assist you!
Alfa Grants Advice identifies and lists your opportunities and possibilities with regard to grants and takes care of the application from start to finish. For example you can think of checking your offers and plans for grant and tax opportunities. A phased plan will enable you to take full advantage of the opportunities. The preparation and submission of grant applications and project proposal may be left in the hands of our grants advisers.

At home in the many forms of grants

The government grants inter alia environment friendly working, investments and energy savings. Alfa Grants Advice is familiar with many forms of grants. Your applications are in good hands with us. Audit opinions can be drawn up quickly in consultation with our accountants.

Close to the relevant authorities

Alfa Grants Advice has had more than thirty years of experience. It knows the way in the national and international regulations and is active in regions such as Asia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. In addition to this it has contact with international organisations such as International Finance Corporation, the World Bank and the European Union. 

Do not hesitate to contact Alfa to see what we can do for you.