At Alfa, we regard VAT as a specialty. In addition, VAT matters often involve specific areas, for example property, non-profit, healthcare and, last but not least, international services and movement of goods. Not only may this involve intra-community services and deliveries, but also VAT consequences of import and export to third countries. Sooner or later every entrepreneur finds himself facing such VAT matters.

Cross-border trade

The VAT zero rate is a well-known phenomenon if you supply goods to entrepreneurs both inside and outside the EU. Regulations are strict, but also increasingly dynamic. Therefore, you will be well-advised to attend to your VAT administration in this respect. Cross-border trade is more and more the focus of the Tax and Customs Administration, not least because of the increase and susceptibility to fraud of, for example, e-commerce. Alfa can advise you in these matters, and file your VAT returns.

MOSS Registration

As from 1 January 2015 new regulations will apply to the intra-community regulations for electronic services. One of the consequences will be that these service providers will have to reckon that in the future VAT will be payable in the country of their customers. To prevent the obligation to register in those countries, there is a possibility to register in one optional country: the Mini One-Stop Shop (MOSS). We can assist you in this choice. You are well-advised not to postpone this matter. The Netherlands offers you the opportunity to register as early as from 1 October 2014.   

Alfa would like to assist you in identifying and solving any VAT issues.
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